Thank You for Your Patience

Wow! I never imagined that Guitendo would have so much interest and get *so many* orders, that I’d be working on the backlog for over a year! I must thank all of my customers for being so patient with me while I worked through the lot, dealt with a pandemic, several family illnesses, and death(s), and the necessary remodeling of my workspace.

While the last two years have been dark and trying to cottage industries like Guitendo, I’ve managed to learn so much, and to upgrade my product and streamline its build process along the way, which is why I am proud to not only announce that I am back to taking orders, but that I am also now offering “Standard” models which can be ordered at any time with little to no wait.

I will be introducing the first available “Standard” models following the New Year. In the meantime, I am once again taking commissions for custom builds of all kinds. just look me up under the ORDERING menu heading.

Until then,